Old crafts are not always carried forward only by artisans of other times. In a small workshop in Bucharest, the passion for masks draws its youth from its creator: Pavel.

Pavel’s story starts from childhood, in summers spent in his father’s workshop, on summer vacations. Arriving at the college, the young future craftsman decides to change a future unsuitable, office job, with a love for Steampunk current, once he receives a few special leather bags from his father. With these bags, the masks slipped into Paul’s life naturally, submitting to a silent but powerful call.

Like all things in life, Pavel deepened his craft with the unexpected encounter of a mask maker – the one who offered him the first lessons and the first pattern. Two months later, the first mask and the certainty that this is the way he wants to invest time, passion and money would come out of the hands of the creator.

The story of each product begins with the zipper each time. The eye of the master weighs what goes, how the pieces fit. This influences his decision to go further with the product or to take it over again.

The road was not always easy, but even in the difficult moments when the masks did not leave the workshop, Pavel did not abandon his craft and went through every moment with patience and confidence and a few promotion strategies to enhance his work.

Today, it’s been 3 years since Pavel really became a creator of Steampunk leather masks and bags. Each new work is a challenge, from the design, to the idea, to the combination of the skin with the brass in the most harmonious way. The process is not always easy, but today the young craftsman sees in his mind the possibilities of each product and how it can look.

When you understand that passion does not always enrich you, the road to the chosen craft is smoother and more settled. It’s important to start.