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Cristian is a young Romanian visual storyteller, people lover and tech enthusiast. He started his career as a photographer in late 2006 while pursuing his studies in Anthropology at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

After graduation, he decided to move across Europe to understand the different cultures of the continent. So far he was living in Russia, Austria, Poland, and Germany. In 2014 his interest in the visual industry broadened and he pursued his career as a film-maker while studying Media Communication as a Master’s degree at the same University.

In 2016 Cristian launched his first fictional short film which was accepted as an official selection at the Feci Bogota Film Festival and later went on a one year tour of the Americas. In 2017 Cristian was commended by Sony World Photo Organization as one of the best 50 portrait photographers in the world and in 2019 he won the RedBull Futur/io Film Contest by pitching his vision about how a desirable future should be approached by touching on topics like human emotions as a new renewable energy source, human behavior, exponential technologies, and innovation.

During his career, Cristian co-founded two NGO’s in Romania and one company in Germany, all with the purpose of promoting personal development using artistic tools. Currently, he is exploring innovative ways of bringing his art closer to the open questions of the 21st century by understanding finance behavior in business and tech products from the User Experience perspective.