Once you breathe spirit into the craft, it never stops being alive.

Lisa is a Berlin-based artist whose main focus is to create lifelike figures made out of silicone. Her passion for understanding people is combined with her own fears and emotions in a unique craft that may raise eyebrows like never before.


Though meticulous and crafty, she sees herself more like an artist. She sculpts human nature as a way to observe, preserve, and celebrate human nature. Lisa loves to look at people and study what makes them look individual. Sculpting life-like figures is her way to understand and get closer to human nature, understand and observe it better; it’s her way to bring her own emotion to life – and to the audience.


It takes her months to bring a figure to life. Details like body hair, redness of the skin, wrinkles matter in creating a wholesome experience. It takes 8 hours to cover 10 cm of the body with hair. Every single hair, every skin redness is a way to celebrate nature and praise it for being so beautiful.

“I look at people all the time and study what makes them look individual. What turns human into an individual. I love human nature and am obsessed with studying every single detail.”

For her, her work has helped her get over misconceptions about people; for her audience, her work might be an opportunity to connect with personalities we might never otherwise meet in real life.



Cristian Ioan

Lisa Bücher

Ema Barbă